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Dear friends, we regularly recieve reviews on our works, and today we would like to share the latest of them with you!

Below are the notes by amazing worldwide-known musicians - Jon Anderson of "YES", Bill Champlin of "Chicago", Marc Danzeisen of "Riverdogs", clipmaker Marcus Nispel and Mick Wall - regarded writer on music who created dozens of incredible biographic books about bands like Metallica, Guns'n'Roses, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC and other ponderous figures of the world rock scene!

"To listen to '208 Talks of Angels' is to enter into a musical twilight, all inventive, all exploding, ever gentle, and with great imagination and so melodic, it seems like they are forever changing, just like the world that surrounds us.." (Jon Anderson)

"This decade won't be remembered of as a great time for music. however, every now and then something great comes along. On the internet we need to dig deep to find really good stuff...sometimes all the way to russia....'208 Talks of Angels' is a real discovery and i hope to one day find the right project to put images to their music." (Marcus Nispel)

I've run across some music on sound cloud,, that I was enthralled with. This band of musicians is from Russia and they are experimental in nature and, in listening from one song to the next, I realized that these guys aren't stuck in one place, like so many bands. There's some really cool music coming from 208 Talks of Angels. Check it out. (Bill Champlin)

"208TOA are more then a band. They're a world wide collaboration. An experiment in global jamming. The moody magic, the grooves, the message they get across. It all works. If more bands around the world collaborated with other musicians as 208TOA does, it would be a more creative, musically respectful, sonically beautiful world. Imagine what things would have been like in the 60s, during the Cold War if the Internet would have been around then. Maybe the countries leaders would have been friendlier with the possibility of instant contact with one another to work their issues out, as bands and artists are able to get along by instantaneously communicating together, working together, creating worldly melodies together. It's awesome that 208TOA share their love of music, share their creation, share their soul by inviting other like minded musicians into their dream." (Marc Danzeisen)

I get asked all the time about new bands, new artists, who will be the next Guns or Tallica or Whoever. And I don’t know. And I don’t really care. And then one day something falls on me like hard rain and I feel the need to… share. Like this email – and links to music – I just got sent the other day. Like a prig GNR maybe. Or… something. Anyway, that’s for you to decide. I think they have something, though. So… 208 Talks of Angels! (Mick Wall)

A few months ago, I came across a track by a Russian band called 208 Talks Of Angels. I thought they were interesting, so I posted their link onto my Facebook page. I got an astonishing reaction from people of all walks of life.

I thought about them the other day and went searching to hear more of what they did. I found their Soundcloud page with 24 tracks.

I now must revise my initial reaction of their being an interesting band. Upon listening to a body of their work, I have to say that they are one of the finest bands I have ever had the privilege of listening to. They are innovative in that they use all genres of music from electronic to classical. Everything from sequencing to sampling is part of their technological palette. Their songs are not just songs, they are miniature symphonies of extraordinary composition. Every player in the group is a stand alone world class musician. I suspect that some of them are trained classically. The arrangements rival that of any renowned composers alive or dead from Bach to Gershwin. They recognize the necessity to appeal to the masses that buy popular music, but in their unique way raise the level of substance that is so poorly lacking in most of the music today. Their lyrics deal with the human condition and serious contemporary issues. They do NOT sing,"She's my baby and I love her so much and I'm gonna die if I don't get my dog back". They also have an uncanny way of using the lyric as a rhythmical integral part of several of the pieces. Rap taken to it's highest evolution. The Drummers are monsters. I have worked with Ralph Humphrey, Steve Gadd, Russ Kunkel and many others. They are clearly in their class. The Bass player is in the same league as Lee Sklar, Alphonso Johnson and others of their calibre. Beautiful lyrical lines while retaining the foundation of the song. The guitar players……whew!!! Some of the harmonies just blow me away and the technicality of the playing is wondrous. Any guitar player from Django Reinhardt to John McLaughlin would be proud. I know that the orchestral instrumentations are done with keyboards, because I seriously doubt these guys have the money to record actual orchestras, but I would love to see them become so popular they could afford to simply write the scores and have orchestras play them for their CDs.

Which is why I have written this review. This is simply a great band that needs recognition and all the rewards that come with that. I don't care what any music critic has to say about them, as most of the music critics today get their bread and butter from writing accolades about bands and people in the music industry that are for the most part void of any talent. Bands as accomplished as 208 Talks Of Angels deserve to be heard because they are and should be the future of the music business. They rock as hard as anyone around and lift the heart and spirit, which is the ultimate purpose of music. I wish you Health, Love, and Clarity (Shawn Phillips)

I downloaded a copy of "Angle Of View" into my iTunes. I listened to that Song 4 times, and I was so fascinated from how great it sounds. Whoever wrote that Song, is an incredible Writer, and the Band and Vocalists made the Recording of the Song so wonderful. I seriously enjoyed listening to "Angle Of View" for four times, because each time I heard it, I felt like it was more incredible to hear every time I listened to that song. I'm certain that the "208 Talks Of Angels" Band is going to be one of the most Famous Bands in all of Russia. I would love to come to Russia and Sing some Songs with that Band someday. The Musicians were wonderful, and the Songs that I heard were extremely fabulous, and all of the Vocalists on the Songs I heard, were so fantastic. I'm sure that Band is going to become very Famous, and surely will gain tons of great Fans. I'm a Fan of the Band now, and I would love to see the Band play Live as soon as I can. Take care, and I wish you my best of luck with this Band (Bobby Kimball)

I listened to several pieces of music and I must say they were terrific! I think you have a great band there. I’m not sure how much help I can be, but I will certainly tell my friends and pass along the link whenever possible. I want to wish you all the very best because I think you have a great band and some very cool songs. peace (Steve Hunter)

Greetings 208! Some of my greatest inspirations come from your great nation. Great Masters Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich and of course PUSHKIN, Tolstoy, Doestoyevsky. You bitches rock!

I LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING ! I am SURE that time will bring me to your Russia! I WISH you ALL THE BEST with YOUR work. WE ARE ALL VERY LUCKY & BLESSED TO HAVE WORK. Having a place to aim our passions is a great salvation! Continue the great work! Regards (Sananda Maitreya)

I've been listening to a lot of Talks Of Angels. You guys (and girl) are fantastic. Thank you for sharing your music. I love it. Really interesting. You don't sound like anyone else, which is huge, and your music is very atmospheric; I LOVE that. Please keep doing what you're doing.The talent in your band runs deep obviously. Don't give up. You guys are great! (Steve Porcaro)

Check out my Russian friends, 208 Talks Of Angels, at Soundcloud. An amazing band - vocals, musicianship and songwriting. Glad to help them get their unique style of rock music out to the rest of the world! (Dave Evans)

Hey everybody...check out this band 208 Talks of Angels. They are very artistic, versatile and have a distinctive sound ...very interesting! Here are a few words that explains the music and philosophy. Enjoy!~JLT (Joe Lynn Turner)

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    Would 208 Talks Of Angels like to get radio airplay in the USA? Goto the site of station WTSQ-LP 88.1FM in Charleston, West Virginia, and goto the RECOMMEND page then plug-in your band to air that way. Or, goto the stations facebook page at and search Beats Without Borders show. Tell them "Tha Dood" has sent you.

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