Angle of View

Friends and Fans! Behold!

New incredible 80-style retro rock song made in collaboration with our great friends, true Masters Of Rock - Dave Abbruzzese from "Peral Jam" and John Rabbit Bundrick from "The Who"!!!

It was a complicated, but nevertheless, great journey for all of us to play, to record… to create this vintage-like rock song, we again tried to scale another height of essence and power of music, to let it flow through our gist and imbibe our energy and vigor, to approximate the mood and explosive style of the old rock-dinosaurs!

Our band sincerely wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New 2016 Year!

Let all your inmost dreams gain strength and form! Let bright winter sun silver your eyes! 

Listen to our new song "Angle of View", comment and share!!!

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