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Dear Friends! The new song "No Sorry" is ready! Like all our songs, it produces very wide feelings and vibes - from oriental electronica to modern western alternative rock and deep Russian sorrow.

Our special thanks to Chris Moore - our incredible friend, Jedi, and one of the best drummers of the galaxy! Thank you, Chris, it is a honour to work with you!

Amazing video of Chris Moore on recording session of this song is here!

Respect and regards to all of our friends!

Enough words, close your eyes, lay back and enjoy!


Bring me into play
I decided
Or I fade away
I never felt sorry

Who`s that shadow play
Now Im inside it
Nothing to display
I never felt sorry

Hang me on you string
I`m resizing
Throw you magic ring
Cause you never felt sorry

We cant stand this spring
Nothing to replay
We never felt sorry

Its all now the same to me
Cant you stop my voice

Lost my touch in guarantees
No need to rejoice

Things now the same to me
Cant you stop my voice
Telling the words of sorry

Take them close to your heart
Thats my giveaway

Take me into play
I decided
Its Outdated prayer
That I never felt sorry

Thats your shadow play
And I`m inside it
Words are on display

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