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Dear friends, we are happy to inform you, that our new album "DEAD MAIL" is released!

“DEAD MAIL” is the first album of Russian alternative rock band “208 TALKS OF ANGELS”. It was recorded in 2013-2014 in collaboration and consultations of wide-world known musicians. It includes 11 variegated songs, that rather differ in sub-genres, but still very similar in mood. The name of album and songs explains our attitude to things that happened to us last year – new people, new events, new faces, new styles, new knowledge and new explorations had a strong effect on what have we finally done.

“DEAD MAIL” means difficulties, which we all have to face with every time we are forgotten and useless, unheard and misunderstood. This album is our fight, our wish to hatch out of hard capsule of non-intervention, to open eyes wide and see the horizons. “DEAD MAIL” has strong Russian and Eastern breathings coated with modern alternative rock and progressive harmonies. We strongly believe that this wide musical product will remain in your memories for long, making you listening to it again and again, discovering new refinements of our unusual tunes.

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