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Dear friends and fans! We have finished the work on the NEW dark cinematic track called "Denouement"!

It has a strong breathe of tragedy and pain, but we all sometime have to face them for constructing our better future...

We hope, you`ll enjoy it! 

With respect, our warmest regards and blessings, 208 Talks of angels, Russia

Feel free to share, like, comment and repost!!!

Thank you for staying with us! Special thanks to our great friend Paul Rockwell!

Song is dedicated to John Hookham Frere

Denouement (Lyrics)

Take some rest with me
For long time we`ve been angry
Let us try something new
So easy, sorrowless, secure

Let us hasten, let us fly
To where the lovely meadows lie
To where the living waters flow
Where the roses bloom and blow...

Now we go to dance and sing
In these consecrated shades
Round the secret holy ring
With the matrons and the maids

Thither I must haste to bring
The mysterious early light
Which must witness every rite
Of this happy night.

Let us hasten, let us fly
Where the lovely meadows lie
Where the living waters flow
To where the roses blow

Segregated, safe and pure
Easy, sorrowless, secure
Since our way on Earth is run
We behold a brighter sun.

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