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Jerry Scheff (Elvis Presley) I am always interested in hearing new (to me) styles of music. Of course in the 1960s, "new" music was coming from the streets in America and inspired mainly by drugs and politics. I was inspired by all of these. There were many obstacles put in our paths by our government then. After saying all that, i enjoyed listening to some of your music. it has a fresh character to it. All the best to you, JS

Craig Gruber (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore) Feel free to post your awesome music on my page, so we can help you,get your music heard guys !! I have over 5200 friends here to play your music to !! Im happy to help you !, much love,and success my friends,Craig.

Joe Romersa (Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Peaches, Freddy Cannon, Bob Dylan) Very cool music! is this really a band or is it just a studio band? i like the contrast of voices and the musicanship is right where it needs to be. Music business is a tough business! your new friend, j0e

Jeff Pilson (Foreigner) Very nice music, and interesting blend with the vocals. I think you really have something there. My only advice would be to take it to the next level and don't be afraid to be extremely musical. I could see you guys really developing a strong identity that really shows you're musicality and depth. Thanx for sharing with me. Jeff

Johnette Napolitano I don't know if you knew my Grandmother was Russian. I would love to work with you somehow. I am so excited listening to your music. I would love to work with you somehow. I love it. I'm listening right now. Great singing, really great textures, I would love to meet you guys. ..

Chuck Burgi (Rainbow, Enrique Iglesias, Bon Jovi, Diana Ross) From what I've heard in a brief visit to Soundcloud, Talks of Angels is AMAZING!!! I would love to collaborate with you. I'd like to forward your soundcloud link to all my friends who might be able to move your band forward. I love what I've briefly heard, and if I can help in any way, I'd love to. Thanks and All the Best, Chuck B.

Kimberley Dahme (Boston) I really love your music. You have all wonderful voices and the music is very original. I respect that greatly. Thank you for sharing it with me. Thanks, Kimberley

Chris Impellitteri (Guitarist) Great work and Music! the music industry is very difficult for success... however you should build a following in Russia with your friends and family! play as many clubs and parties as possible. no gig is too small! send your music to friends to share with others. Good luck to all of us in the music industry! cheers, Chris I

David Uosikkinen (Drummer) Wow! That's insane. Very dynamic on so many levels. You guys all play and sing great. The drummer Chris is so good too. I marvel over that kind of foot work. Very cool! Thanks for sharing it with me. Feel free to use what i wrote if you want to quote me.

Charlie Farren (Guitarist) A couple of things - The drum track is crazy good - I had to write Chris a quick note of congratulations. I like this a lot! Great deep groove, Nice musical guitar solo - I'm SO tired of noisy fast-frantic high note shredding. Lyrics are cool, vocalists distinctive and strong! The Chorus is really catchy and great! That said, LOVE IT!

Steve Augeri (Journey) I also love the haunting piano and keys in general. It's Rockin'! Beautiful job! Great vocal performances Thanks for sharing!

Elliot Eston (The Cars) You guys sound great! i wish you the best of luck w your music. my people are from russia too!

Erik Scott (Alice Cooper) It sounds great…intricate and rocks hard. You're doing great, be proud of your work.

Michael Corby (Guitarist) You are tremendously talented. There is a genuine sense of art in your music. In fact, you are truly shocking with your creativity. What really impresses me is that you draw your inspiration from everything that you possibly can with little or no regard for fashion and that is something that I have the very greatest respect for. This work is just too powerful to be stopped, trust me. 

Toryn Green (Emphatic) I like the industrial/electronic elements in the songs. The dual vocalist idea is clever as well. In the last song I was listening to, "harangue", there was some elements during the verses that reminded me of Korn. I'm not sure about which path I would follow being that you live there. I few up in Alaska.. and I knew my first step was to move somewhere my band could develop an actual fanbase from LIVE performances.. Once I had that.. The recordings we made only solidified the fact that we could sell our music with or without a label. This is what any label wants to see because it simply eliminates risk for them because all they have to do is apply money, marketing and promotion and then everyone wins. Hopefully this will help u in your next moves as a band.

Michael Jerome Moore You and your band have produced a lot of material and putting a lot of hard work and passion into it. I'm listening to all the music and your latest track with Chris Moore. Well done and I wish you all the very best and the greatest success!!

Robert Schneider (Neutral Milk Hotel) These songs are fantastic, I especially love the synth sounds and parts you guys have recorded, super cool!! I will keep my ear to the ground listening in case something appropriate comes along that could be helpful to your excellent band. Keep up the great work!!!! Robert Schneider

Jeff Scott Soto Your sound is great as it is, but the business has changed so much! It is impossible to get record deals or even want them anymore as nobody does what they used to unless its this TV talent show shit...the best way to do anything these days is social media, youtube, etc., Its the new music industry. I say keep going and pushing forward! JSS

Ian Gillan (Deep Purple)  Thanks for sending the link; you guys sound great. I wish you luck with your endeavours. Cheers, ig


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