Dear friends, we are happy to inform you, that our new album "DEAD MAIL" is released!

“DEAD MAIL” is the first album of Russian alternative rock band “208 TALKS OF ANGELS”. It was recorded in 2013-2014 in collaboration and consultations of wide-world known musicians. It includes 11 variegated songs, that rather differ in sub-genres, but still very similar in mood. The name of album and songs explains our attitude to things that happened to us last year – new people, new events, new faces, new styles, new knowledge and new explorations had a strong effect on what have we finally done.

“DEAD MAIL” means difficulties, which we all have to face with every time we are forgotten and useless, unheard and misunderstood. This album is our fight, our wish to hatch out of hard capsule of non-intervention, to open eyes wide and see the horizons. “DEAD MAIL” has strong Russian and Eastern breathings coated with modern alternative rock and progressive harmonies. We strongly believe that this wide musical product will remain in your memories for long, making you listening to it again and again, discovering new refinements of our unusual tunes.

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Good news! Music by 208 Talks of angels will be presented in the movie by Jesse V. Johnson - THE BEAUTIFUL ONES, that will be premiered on DEC 5th 2014! Thank you, dearest Jesse!!!

Dear friends and fans! We have been interviewed by legendary radio presenter on the BBC Russian Service Seva Novgorodtsev! That was amazing! Thank you, dearest Seva!

208 Talks Of Angels warmly thanks amazing radio broadcaster and writer on music - Alan Cross for linking back to us! It is always a pleasure for musicians to get noticed by shark of music reviews! Thank you, dear Alan, hope you will write about us again some day!

Dear friends and fans! We have finished the work on the NEW dark cinematic track called "Denouement"!

It has a strong breathe of tragedy and pain, but we all sometime have to face them for constructing our better future...

We hope, you`ll enjoy it! 

With respect, our warmest regards and blessings, 208 Talks of angels, Russia

Feel free to share, like, comment and repost!!!

Thank you for staying with us! Special thanks to our great friend Paul Rockwell!

Song is dedicated to John Hookham Frere

Denouement (Lyrics)

Take some rest with me
For long time we`ve been angry
Let us try something new
So easy, sorrowless, secure

Let us hasten, let us fly
To where the lovely meadows lie
To where the living waters flow
Where the roses bloom and blow...

Now we go to dance and sing
In these consecrated shades
Round the secret holy ring
With the matrons and the maids

Thither I must haste to bring
The mysterious early light
Which must witness every rite
Of this happy night.

Let us hasten, let us fly
Where the lovely meadows lie
Where the living waters flow
To where the roses blow

Segregated, safe and pure
Easy, sorrowless, secure
Since our way on Earth is run
We behold a brighter sun.

Dear friends and fans! New gospel blues song by 208 Talks of angels - "Blooming in night" released! We worked hard and now we are also enjoying this song. We want to say, that this song could not exist without such a beautiful friends and amazing musicians like Chris Moore, Marty Grebb and Paul Rockwell!!!

Please, feel free to leave your comments here or visit our SoundCloud account.

Our fantastic crew:

● Chris Moore - Drums
● Marty Grebb - Hammond Organ
● Paul Rockwell - Special Consulting and Mixing
● Anthony Fadeyev - Guitar, Vocals
● Vladimir Romanchenko - Acoustic Bass
● Vilena Karklinya - Vocals, Back Vocals

Our blessings from all of us to you, friends, yours, 208 Talks of angels and friends, Russia, USA and Australia

Chris Moore Marty Grebb Paul Rockwell Anthony Fadeyev Vladimir Romanchenko Karklinya Vilena

Just take a look on this unique remix from our great friend Paul Rockwell (C.E.O., Audio-engineer and founder of Rockwell Music Studio), Australia!

As usually, he again made every effort to make our song "Blooming in night" sound bigger and better!

With all our hearts we want to thank you, dearest friend! Please stay with us and we sincerely hope, that we`ll do a lot of amazing things with you! Our blessings and gratitude, 208 Talks of angels, Russia!

Friends, feel free to leave your comments here, or go to SoundCloud!

Dear Friends! We are very happy to introduce new song by 208 TALKS OF ANGELS! There were many problems and obstacles, that hindered us, but we bridged over the difficulties, and we sincerely hope, that you will like our new song called "DISENGAGE"!!! Our incredible thanks our BIGGEST FRIENDS — CHRIS MOORE (the best drummer ever) and PAUL ROCKWELL!!!! This song would not exist without them! Listen loud!!!

Dearest friends! Please take a look on amazing re-mix and re-mastering of our track "Hero of Past", made by our great friend Riley J. Connell from Eau Claire. We want to sincerely thank you, dear Riley! Greatest respect from 208 Talks of angels! Hope, we`ll work again! 

We are impatiently waiting for the premiere of  "Man In A Box" movie by Kevin Davis! It will be amazing movie, for sure! You will hear 208 Talks of angels` tunes in it! 

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