Dear Friends! The new song "No Sorry" is ready! Like all our songs, it produces very wide feelings and vibes - from oriental electronica to modern western alternative rock and deep Russian sorrow.

Our special thanks to Chris Moore - our incredible friend, Jedi, and one of the best drummers of the galaxy! Thank you, Chris, it is a honour to work with you!

Amazing video of Chris Moore on recording session of this song is here!

Respect and regards to all of our friends!

Enough words, close your eyes, lay back and enjoy!


Bring me into play
I decided
Or I fade away
I never felt sorry

Who`s that shadow play
Now Im inside it
Nothing to display
I never felt sorry

Hang me on you string
I`m resizing
Throw you magic ring
Cause you never felt sorry

We cant stand this spring
Nothing to replay
We never felt sorry

Its all now the same to me
Cant you stop my voice

Lost my touch in guarantees
No need to rejoice

Things now the same to me
Cant you stop my voice
Telling the words of sorry

Take them close to your heart
Thats my giveaway

Take me into play
I decided
Its Outdated prayer
That I never felt sorry

Thats your shadow play
And I`m inside it
Words are on display

Dear friends! It is a great honour and reward for us to be played on your radiostations! You make our dreams closer! Thank you all, dear DJ`s, especially we we would thank:
Alice Cooper for mentioning and playing us on his show "Night With Alice Cooper"


☺ Paul Meier - Radio Sunrise

☺ John Dayton - The Radio Resistance

☺ Livia Monteleone - Free Radio Santa Cruz

☺ Mike Watt - Radio-Show

☺ Alan Kidd - Scotland 69 AM

☺ Darrell Fortune - NWCZ Radio

☺ Lydia Cox - Felixstowe Radio

☺ Michele J.Romano - Europhone radio

☺ Rogier van Diesfeldt - Radio 501

AND ALL THE BEST RADIOSTATIONS LISTED BELOW! WE THANK YOU FROM BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!  Radio Sunrise  TrenTMix Radio  Pays d'Aurillac!  EBM-Radio!  JammerStream One!  TMV Cafe Radio!  365 Radio Network Arizona!  Traxx FM Geneva!  NWCZ Radio!  Prog Palace Radio!  Radioactive International!  Mainly Echo Radio!

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you, that our new album "DEAD MAIL" is released!

“DEAD MAIL” is the first album of Russian alternative rock band “208 TALKS OF ANGELS”. It was recorded in 2013-2014 in collaboration and consultations of wide-world known musicians. It includes 11 variegated songs, that rather differ in sub-genres, but still very similar in mood. The name of album and songs explains our attitude to things that happened to us last year – new people, new events, new faces, new styles, new knowledge and new explorations had a strong effect on what have we finally done.

“DEAD MAIL” means difficulties, which we all have to face with every time we are forgotten and useless, unheard and misunderstood. This album is our fight, our wish to hatch out of hard capsule of non-intervention, to open eyes wide and see the horizons. “DEAD MAIL” has strong Russian and Eastern breathings coated with modern alternative rock and progressive harmonies. We strongly believe that this wide musical product will remain in your memories for long, making you listening to it again and again, discovering new refinements of our unusual tunes.

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