Angle of View

Friends and Fans! Behold!

New incredible 80-style retro rock song made in collaboration with our great friends, true Masters Of Rock - Dave Abbruzzese from "Peral Jam" and John Rabbit Bundrick from "The Who"!!!

It was a complicated, but nevertheless, great journey for all of us to play, to record… to create this vintage-like rock song, we again tried to scale another height of essence and power of music, to let it flow through our gist and imbibe our energy and vigor, to approximate the mood and explosive style of the old rock-dinosaurs!

Our band sincerely wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New 2016 Year!

Let all your inmost dreams gain strength and form! Let bright winter sun silver your eyes! 

Listen to our new song "Angle of View", comment and share!!!

208 Talks of angels

208 Talks of angels - Anthony Fadeyev

208 Talks of angels - Vilena Karklinya

208 Talks of angels - Vladimir Romanchenko

208 Talks of angels - Vilena

208 Talks of angels - Chris Moore

208 Talks of angels - Matt Letley

208 Talks of angels - Vilena Snow

208 Talks of angels - Vilena Suspection

208 Talks of angels - Karklinya

208 Talks of angels - Vilena K

208 Talks of angels - Vilena BW

208 Talks of angels - triangle logo

208 Talks of angels - Anthony

208 Talks of angels - Vladimir

208 Talks of angels - Vilena Karklinya

Dear friends! At last! The song, that we were working on for about a month is ready! The most beautiful thing about it is that is recorded in collaboration with EPIC drummer from EPIC and WORLD-WIDE KNOWN band STATUS QUO - Matt Letley!!! It was an amazing journey for all us to turn the song in what you now hear. He is really very-very talented musician and kind man! Thank you, Matt!

We like it very much and hope, that you will also enjoy the unusual interweaving of Western Pressure, Eastern Finesse and Wide Russian Soul!

Thank you all, friends! Feel free to post your comments and share the song with your mates!

Also, read what Matt wrote about it all on his blog!


GFM says...

Husky Russki electro-metal. Pretty epic, with multiple acts, flavours and moving parts, but also a certain degree of self-restraint. Has me thirsting for a White Russian.
- Brendan Clift
No Sorry是一首Hardcore的作品, 电音效果加上主音比较内俭的吼叫令歌曲有浓厚industrial matel的味道, 中後段有女声的加入亦令歌曲更加有特色。
- Dicky Kwong

Band biography:

The Russian band “208 Talks of angels” was created in 2006 by Anthony Fadeyev and Vladimir Romanchenko, who decided to join their efforts for the search of new music concept and new extraordinary sound. Band members currently consists of Anthony Fadeyev – guitar, vocals, effects, composition, programming, sampling; Vilena Karklinya – vocals, back vocals; Vladimir Romanchenko – bass, sampling, effects. and on their latest album features the artists: Chris Moore and Marty Grebb. 

You can hear it on The Alternative Channel on GFM.FM

Note about our band from our Chineese friends from Dinosaur Journal! Thank you, dear dinosaurs!

208 Talks of Angels 於2006年在俄羅斯成立,希望尋找新音樂理念和不平凡的聲音。樂團名字中 “Angel” 一詞並沒有宗教含義,但希臘文翻譯 “aggelos” 意即使者,這詞代表着樂隊的音樂概念,於歌曲中採用一些前衛藝術意念;名中數字 “208” 則仍是秘密,但很快就會和大家揭曉。

A little note about our band in popular british magazine - Street Cred Magazine! Thank you for exposure, dear friends!

 Read full version here

Review on our song "When She Cried" written by EPIC Kramms Hits (from DAS ICH) in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)

Kramms Hits „When She Cried“ von 208 Talks Of Angels

Es mag an meiner eigenen Tourneevergangenheit in Russland liegen: Ich liebe den russischen Underground, seine Vielfalt und den weltverlorenen Idealismus. Jenseits jeglicher sozialer Absicherung verschwören sich Bands zu kreativen Kommunen, die neben den eigenen Entbehrungen auch die letzten Rubel teilen, um dann per Platzkarta in der Holzklasse der Bahn tagelang zur nächsten feuchten und runtergekommenen Kellerbühne zu reisen. Seit bereits sechs Jahren durchqueren die drei gefallenen Engel aus Izhevsk so den wilden Osten und kreuzen erfrischend unkonventionell Break Beats, Industrial, Ethno und Rock mit slawischer Schwermut.

Dear firends! We are happy to post our new Christmas song - "Twisted Mind"! We sish you all the best things! Enjoy, Comment and Like it on Facebook and!

Again we heartily thank our great friend and exceptionally talented drummer - Chris Moore! Thank you, friend!

Dear Friends! The new song "No Sorry" is ready! Like all our songs, it produces very wide feelings and vibes - from oriental electronica to modern western alternative rock and deep Russian sorrow.

Our special thanks to Chris Moore - our incredible friend, Jedi, and one of the best drummers of the galaxy! Thank you, Chris, it is a honour to work with you!

Amazing video of Chris Moore on recording session of this song is here!

Respect and regards to all of our friends!

Enough words, close your eyes, lay back and enjoy!


Bring me into play
I decided
Or I fade away
I never felt sorry

Who`s that shadow play
Now Im inside it
Nothing to display
I never felt sorry

Hang me on you string
I`m resizing
Throw you magic ring
Cause you never felt sorry

We cant stand this spring
Nothing to replay
We never felt sorry

Its all now the same to me
Cant you stop my voice

Lost my touch in guarantees
No need to rejoice

Things now the same to me
Cant you stop my voice
Telling the words of sorry

Take them close to your heart
Thats my giveaway

Take me into play
I decided
Its Outdated prayer
That I never felt sorry

Thats your shadow play
And I`m inside it
Words are on display

Dear friends! It is a great honour and reward for us to be played on your radiostations! You make our dreams closer! Thank you all, dear DJ`s, especially we we would thank:
Alice Cooper for mentioning and playing us on his show "Night With Alice Cooper"


☺ Paul Meier - Radio Sunrise

☺ John Dayton - The Radio Resistance

☺ Livia Monteleone - Free Radio Santa Cruz

☺ Mike Watt - Radio-Show

☺ Alan Kidd - Scotland 69 AM

☺ Darrell Fortune - NWCZ Radio

☺ Lydia Cox - Felixstowe Radio

☺ Michele J.Romano - Europhone radio

☺ Rogier van Diesfeldt - Radio 501

AND ALL THE BEST RADIOSTATIONS LISTED BELOW! WE THANK YOU FROM BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!  Radio Sunrise  TrenTMix Radio  Pays d'Aurillac!  EBM-Radio!  JammerStream One!  TMV Cafe Radio!  365 Radio Network Arizona!  Traxx FM Geneva!  NWCZ Radio!  Prog Palace Radio!  Radioactive International!  Mainly Echo Radio!

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